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  • Mansfield Men's Golf Week Ending 19th June, 2022

    What are dart boards gracing a golf report for? A very fair question with a simple answer. Commencing this Tuesday Assistant manager David Joyce testing the new boards for Tuesday night comps. The night is his creation at the Golf Club will be [...]

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    Men's Golf News Week Ending 29th May, 2022

    This week we saw lovely late Autumn weather and then the onset of winter, only a few days away. Sad but happy times. Sad because we have so many of our members heading North for the warmer climes (understandably and enviably for many of us), the Grey[...]

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    MEN'S GOLF NEWS WEEK ENDING 22nd May, 2022

    A wonderful week of golf and a wonderful week for Golf. See the separate article for the Pennant finals summary. Tuesday Par event 1st – Bob Cullen +4 (h/c 14) 2nd – Shane O’Brien +1 (h/c 13) 3rd – Jim Sullivan even, 0 (h/c 17)[...]

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    Men's Golf News Week Ending 15th May, 2022

    Tuesday Stableford event 1st – Domingo Diaz 36 pts (9 h/c) 2nd – Bill Parsons 35 pts C/B (15 h/c) 3rd – Malcolm Griffiths 35 pts (19 h/c) ‘Mingo’ as he is affectionately known has excelled second week in a row going from 2nd to [...]

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    Men's Golf News Week Ending 8th May, 2022

    Have faith, I'm struggling to get photos on tonight, maybe look tomorrow. Sorry Brad. Tempestuous weather, rain and snow forecast for the area for the past week. Not to be. Fine weather Tuesday and a reasonable Thursday. Whew! Tuesday stroke [...]

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