• Course Tour & Yardage Guide

  • Hole #1 | 294 metres | Par 4

    This is a relatively wide opening hole which veers to the right with plenty of safety out to the left. Beware if you try to cut the corner to the right as a big oak tree nearer the green has claimed many a golfer.

  • Hole #2 | 476 metres | Par 5

    A straight drive is required for this par 5 with fairway bunkers located on the left and right. Once around the corner it is all straight sailing with another fairway bunker on your right and then a pair of greenside bunkers to contend with.

  • Hole #3 | 122 metres | Par 3

    At 120m this would seem an easy par 3, but don’t be fooled as 2 bunkers surround this very tiny green that if you miss makes it very hard to get up and down.

  • Hole #4 | 434 metres | Par 5 M | Par 4 F

    Men - A short par 5 that requires a nice fade off the tee to get past the big river red gum on the right hand side. Once that’s achieved you have yourself a real birdie chance.

    Ladies - A tough Par 4 for the ladies requiring two good straight shots to reach the green.

  • Hole #5 | 389 metres | Par 4 M | Par 5 F

    Men - Mansfield’s signature hole, a fantastic par 4 that requires a slight draw as the right hand side is heavily treed, and then you have a two tiered green to contend with and a greenside bunker to the left.

    Ladies - A 380m Par 5 that still posses some challenges to make par.

  • Hole #6 | 367 metres | Par 4

    Another tough par 4 that suits the golfer that can fade his drive but be aware of the big river red gums to the right. The green is protected by 2 greenside bunkers.

  • Hole #7 | 150 metres | Par 3

    A generous size green awaits you as long as you play straight, if you stray you will find one of the 3 greenside bunkers.

  • Hole #8 | 308 metres | Par 4

    This par 4 dogleg that has 2 fairway bunkers at driver’s length requires some thought. It definitely pays to lay up short then fire your next shot at the green.

  • Hole #9 | 184 metres | Par 3

    At 180m long this hole will test the accuracy of your long irons to a green that is protected either side by bunkers.

  • Hole #10 | 271 metres | Par 4

    A short par 4 that requires some thought, with 2 fairway bunkers protecting the left hand side and OOB and a bunker on the right; you have 2 choices, go long or lay it up and play it safe.

  • Hole #11 | 377 metres | Par 4

    A tough par 4 with plenty of trouble if your ball goes right, a slight dog leg to the right with a nice drive and you have a good shot into a generous size green.

  • Hole #12 | 165 metres | Par 3

    At 165m this par 3 is very challenging; a built up green that repels many golf balls, OOB to the right and the valley of death to the left, a straight shot is important.

  • Hole #13 | 477 metres | Par 5

    The centenary hole, this par 5 is the longest one on the course that requires a long straight drive as the fairway is heavily treed either side. Once through that the hole does open up to a good size green that has 2 bunkers either side of it.

  • Hole #14 | 373 metres | Par 4

    A long par 4 that will test your nerve, with OOB all the way on your left and plenty of trees on your right, you will need 2 long straight golf shots.

  • Hole #15 | 437 metres | Par 5

    This par 5 is a real good birdie chance that requires a good drive to achieve this. Be aware of the right hand side fairway bunker located 20m from the green as well as the bunker on the left of the green behind the big cypress tree.

  • Hole #16 | 145 metres | Par 3

    A nice par 3 with mounds and a bunker protecting the green. OOB is on your right but there is plenty of room out to the left.

  • Hole #17 | 256 metres | Par 4

    A short par 4 where the green is very makeable, but beware a miss hit and you may end up OOB which is located along the right hand side, or in one of the fairway bunkers. A very difficult sloping green awaits you which has claimed many of 3 and 4 putts.

  • Hole #18 | 300 metres | Par 4

    A great finishing hole with plenty of room on the fairway. There are 2 bunkers located to the left of the fairway as well as OOB all the way on the right. A large green is protected by 2 bunkers.