• History

  • 1910 - 1920: Mansfield's first Golf Course - 9 holes adjacent to cemetery
    Mansfield Golf Club was officially formed on the 9th July 1910 with a short course developed on land adjacent to the Mansfield Cemetery. The Club prospered for several years, but went into recess following the outbreak of the First World War, reforming in 1921.

    1921 - 1930: Our second golf course - Fords Creek Course
    In 1921 the club moved to land known as Smith's, a cow paddock of sorts on Fords Creek where golf was played until 1930. The courses were primitive, the greens were sand scrapes and fairways were grazing areas for livestock. No mechanical equipment was used on these courses. The Smith's course was so bad that in 1928 the committee agreed to find suitable other land for the development of a new golf course. Through all this the club produced some excellent golfers, one at least played off scratch and another plus two.

    1929 and Onwards: Development of current golf course
    A 12-hole golf course was first developed on land near the sale yards, with grass greens and mown fairways. In 1937 the club purchased further adjacent land on which the remaining 6 holes were constructed. The clubhouse on the Fords Creek course, primitive as it was, was moved to the Sale Yards Course, where members enjoyed all the conviviality golf deserves.

    1950: Club House
    In 1950 a parcel of land, on which this clubhouse stands, was purchased. A new clubhouse was constructed, with the help of volunteer members. It was not until 1959 that the club obtained a liquor licence. Part of the licensing requirements included clubhouse extensions incorporating showers and other amenities to the satisfaction of the licensing inspector. This club was the first country club in Victoria to be registered under the amended Liquor Licensing Act. From this time onwards the club purchased or acquired several parcels of land within the current golf course layout, including the practice fairway and the now currently vacant Elvin Street land, the many unused roads throughout the golf course and other parcels on the perimeter as they became available.

    1996: New Club House
    In 1995 the club agreed to completely renovate and extend the clubhouse to provide a new facility for members, their guests and visitors. This clubhouse stands as a tribute to the hard work and foresight of earlier members who helped to create the club and develop a golf course for our enjoyment.

    2000 - 2001: PGA Golf Professional and Pro-Am
    The Club engaged golf professional, restructured its annual tournament program and included a Pro-Am as a feature event.

    2002 - 2003: Golf Course Master Plan
    Michael Clayton Golf Course Design was commissioned to develop a comprehensive golf course master plan. The Master plan was adopted by the membership and will serve as working plan for the future development of the golf course. Work on the first stages of the plan commenced in 2003.

    2003: Course Watering System - Using reclaimed and potable water sourced from Goulburn Valley Water Authority
    A fully automatic watering system was installed to water tees, greens and fairways. The system uses reclaimed water sourced from Goulburn Valley Waters' Reclaimed Water Treatment facility in Withers Lane, Mansfield to water tees and fairways. Potable water is used to irrigate greens.

    2004 - 2005: Golf Course Improvements
    Ongoing development of golf course in accordance with Master Plan, including improved playing conditions from tee to green.

    2005 - 2007: Club House Improvements
    Construction of comfortable outside smoking areas to compliment Club decision to go smoke free indoors. The covered outside smoking lounges are adjacent to the Club's Members lounge.Construction of a new entrance to the Club House incorporating a sectioned feature rammed earth wall along the Kidston Parade boundary, asphalt car park with kerbing and garden areas planted out with trees and plants to compliment the entire area.