• Vets News

  • Jubilee hosted the Victorian Veteran Golfers Association teams event on Monday 17th and Tuesday 17th September and Mansfield had two thirds of a team with Paul Norris and Geoff Brown making up a North East team along with Ray Borschman from Bright.  Scores were pretty ordinary but the weather was superb.  Jubilee members made up a team representing the North East on their own, but were beaten for the teams event on a countback by the “Mansfield/Bright” team. Safe to say we did ” Steven Bradbury” and played crap, but all around us fell over and we crossed the finish line as winners.  Just couldn’t stop laughing when the result was read out. !!

    Mansfield sent nine members to the Howlong event held on Monday 24th September, but alas, no winners this time.  Course was in great nick and weather was terrific, so we had no excuses as the course is  easier than our own with a bit of width on the fairways and less bunkers to deal with.  A good day was had by all of us on the bus at least, with “good shot Maurie” taking the bus pool with 35 points.  Might have got beaten Maurie, if some idiot didn’t have 10 putts in the last three holes.

    Next tournament is at MANSFIELD on 29th October and we hope to have a lot of our members playing please.