• Sue Wilson – Hole in One

  • A golfer’s dream

    HAPPY GOLFER: Sue Wilson proudly displays her trophy, mounted with the ball she put in the hole.

    SUE Wilson has been a stalwart of Mansfield Golf Club for around 30 years.

    In a recent competition round, she achieved what all golfers dream of – a hole in one.

    “I’ve hit the pin three times over the years, but this is the first time the ball has actually ended up in the hole,” she explained.

    Indeed, this one did not even land on the green.

    “It was heading well left, but hit a mound, changed direction, ran across the green and into the hole,” Sue added.

    If a hole in one is the golfer’s dream, achieving the feat with nobody there as a witness is the nightmare.

    Luckily for Sue, her two playing partners also saw the ball disappear into the hole.

    “They were nearly as excited as I was,” Sue laughed.

    “To actually see the ball go into the hole is a fantastic thrill.”

    Now that she has ‘found her range’ after decades of golfing, perhaps there will be more holes in one in the future for Sue.


    PHOTO: Wendy Hunt

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