• Men’s Golf Report – Week ending October 30th 2016

  • A quick quote for this week-
    It is not about being the best. It’s about being better than you were yesterday.

    Practice makes Perfect Despite a great score on Wednesday Alan Eustace is shown honing his driving touch on the practice fairway on Thursday.


    Tuesday was a stableford event with a great field of 30 players out for their regular battle of wits.
    The winner was Adrian Smith (23) with a great score of 44 points. Runner up was Peter Dolling (20) with a score of 39 points.
    Ball rundown went to 32 points on a C/B. Nearest the pin on the 7th was Chris Collingwood and on the 9th was Peter Baddeley. The pro pin went to Heinz Gogol, whilst Adrian Smith also took out the hidden holes. The Gold Course was won by Brian Curtis with 40 points.

    The daylight saving Wednesday 9 hole competition continued this week with 15 golfers attending for a stroke event.
    The winner was Dion Sheahan (14) with 35 nett
    Also on Wednesday was the Club Member’s monthly trip away. It had been scheduled for Gardeners Run in Lilydale, but was altered to Black Bull in Yarrawonga due to a saturated track. Those on the bus had an enjoyable day, with Alan Eustace taking the prize with 40 points from Adrian Smith on 37 points.

    These fun golf trips are open to all club members, with a sign up sheet located in the Pro Shop prior to the event.

    Thursday’s saw the final qualifying round of Golf Premier League.
    We had a great field of 64 participants front the starter for the regular Stableford event, with fine AND sunny conditions. This created two prize divisions.
    The winner of Division 1 was Geoff Morris (18) with 37 points, with Brian Russell (16) being the runner up with 37 points on a countback.
    The winner of Division 2 was the Peter Cullen (30) with 40 points from Bob Speed (20) on 39 points.
    Ball run down went to 30 points on a countback.
    Nearest the on the 7th was Fred Rogers, the 9th was Michael Harrison, the 12th was John Saggers and the 16th was Brad Grant. Domingo Diaz took out the pro pin on the 3rd. Peter Cullen picked up the Hidden Holes.
    The two novelty events were nearest the pin 3rd shot on the 4th Mark Bettany and 2nd shot on the 10th to Geoff Payne. The two rabbits were Gary Johnson and Damian Ryan.
    The Gold Course was won by Peter Healy, with Ronnie Britton runner up.

    Saturday was the Walshy’s Wiring sponsored Monthly Medal and Medal of Medallists being played.
    The Division 1 and Medal winner was Henrik Bastek (17) with a fine nett 68, with Brad Grant (9) runner up on nett 70. Division 2 was won by Danny Robinson (19) with a nett 74 from Paul Richardson (19) with a nett 75 on a countback.
    Ball rundown went to nett 78 also on a countback
    Nearest the pins were on the 7th and 12th Rod Sargent, 9th Alex Stephens and the 16th Kane Blunt. NTP 2nd shot on the 18th and the pro pin were taken out by a visitor Michael Aistrope. Hidden holes went to Ben Millott, who also claimed the JD Perks scratch score of the day with a score of 77. The NTP second shot on the first went to another visitor Barry Williams, whilst there were five 2’s on the par threes.

    Sunday saw the fourth round of the Golf Premier League 9 hole event on the back nine.
    Winners for the day were Dan Robertson (+1) 17 points from Bob Speed (19) with 17 points and Brad Wood (16) on a countback. Ball rundown went to 14 on a countback.

    Tip for this week:
    Short putts? Practice at home. Put a coin on the floor and roll 4 – 6 footers over it. Practising with a small target makes the hole look huge.

    By Phil Conway

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