• Men’s Golf Report – Week ending October 16th

  • A BIG congratulations to Club Treasurer Maurie Walsh for his Hole in One on Third hole on Saturday. It’s Maurie’s second Hole in One this year, and his fourth at the club, scoring on four of the five par three’s. The question now is when will he hole out on the final par 3, the ninth?

    Thursday saw the return of the sun and the golfers to the course.

    Thursday saw the return of the sun and the golfers to the course.

    A quick quote for this week-
    I was one under today. One under a tree, one under a bush and one the water!

    Tuesday was finally a day for golf, with 17 players out for their regular sojourn.
    The winner was Tony Tehan (26) with a fine round of nett 71. Runner up was Stan Oleskowski (22) with a nett 73.
    Ball run down went to nett 77. Nearest the pin on the 3rd was Peter Baddeley and on the 9th was Rob Healy.

    The daylight saving Wednesday 9 hole competition continued this week with 6 golfers attending for a par event,
    The winner was Rob Healy (16) with plus 3.

    Thursday’s saw two rounds of Golf Premier League being played to alleviate the previous bad weather postponement.
    We had a great field of 54 participants front the starter for the regular Stableford event, with fine AND sunny conditions. This created two prize divisions.
    The winner of Division 1 was evergreen Bill Parsons (15) with 39 points, with Dan Robertson (+1) being the runner up with 37 points on a countback.
    The winner of Division 2 was the in form Tony Tehan (25) with 36 points, with Perrin Gooding (26) with 35 points.
    Ball run down went to 32 points also on a countback.
    Nearest the on the 7th was Chris Anderson, the 9th was Bill Parsons, the 12th was Phil Conway and the 16th was Brian Russell. Rob Healy took out the pro pin on the 3rd.
    Nearest the pin 2nd shot on the 18th was Steve McMahon, with Geoff Payne picking up the Hidden Holes.
    The two novelty events were nearest the pin 2nd shot on the 1st won by Charles Robertson, nearest the pin 3rd shot on the 15th going to Brad Grant.

    Saturday saw a 4BBB stableford event being held on an ever improving and drying out course.
    The winners were Chris Leaman (13) and Ross Penny (8) with a fine 46 points. Runners up were Neil Walker (24) and Peter Dolling (20) with 45 points.
    Ball rundown went to 41 points.
    Nearest the pin on the 7th was Brett Stone, on the 9th was Mark Knapp, on the 12th was Dave Octigan and on the 16th was Steve Chisholm.
    NTP 2nd shot on the 18th went Andrew Robertson. Hidden holes went to Chris Leaman and Ross Penny.
    Maurie Walsh played a nice shot on the 3rd to collect the pro pin, a Hole in One and the jackpot as well.
    Two novelty prizes were NTP 2nd shot on the 10th going to Mark Bettany, and NTP 2nd shot on the 17th going to Ross Penny.

    The second round of the new Golf Premier League 9 hole event was played on the back nine on Sunday.
    Winners for the day were Daryl Horwood (28) with 19 points from Oliver Pearson (4) with 18 points on a countback. Ball rundown went down to 16 on a countback, with Tony Cooksey picking up the NTP on the 16th.

    With the washout of last two weeks of Thursday Golf Premier League, there will be two games running in conjunction with this week’s round.
    The Captain’s day is being held this Saturday with a Gentsomes event being conducted. Get your four’s together and come along and enjoy the day.
    Tip for this week:
    Spend 70% Of Your Practice Within 50 Yards Of The Pin. This is not the fun part of the game to practice but this is the fastest way to cut strokes off your game.

    By Phil Conway

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