• Mens Golf Report – Week ending May 7th

  • On Sunday the Handicap Pennant ventured to the Black Bull course at Yarrawonga to contest the final against Tarrawingee. Tarra went through the season undefeated, however on the day Mansfield were too strong coming out winners 4½ matches to a ½. Congratulations go to the winners, as well as all the players who played during the season.

    Winners of the 2017 NEDGA Handicap Pennant. From Left: Bob Cullen, Phil Conway, Tony Pridham, Steve Chisholm, Laurie Harcus









    A quick quote for this week-

    “Through years of experience I have found that air offers less resistance than dirt”. – Jack Nicklaus, why he tees his ball high.

    Tuesday was a par event with a field of 28 players fronting the starter.

    The winner was Dale Daly (25) with a fine plus 4. Runner Up was Nick Siperki (15) with plus 2. Ball rundown went to minus 1 on a countback.

    Nearest the pin went to Mark Pearson on the 9th. The Pro pin on the 3rd went to Oliver Pearson, and on the 7th to Peter Dolling.


    On Thursday we had a good field of 60players front the starter for the regular Stableford event, and also 5 participants in the Gold Event.

    The Division 1 winner was Brad Grant (8) with a great score of 43 points (1 over the card), with Maurie Walsh (13) the runner up with 42 points. The winner of Division 2 was Sam Sandhu (21) with 38 points from Peter Smiles (27) with 37 points. Ball run down went to 34 points on a countback. Nearest the on the 7th and 9th was Maurie Walsh, 12th was Tony Pridham and the 16th Damian Ryan. Maurie Walsh collected the pro pin on the 3rd, and the nearest the pin 2nd shot on 18 was won by Laurie Harcus. Super Hole winners were, Adrian Smith (1-4), Charlie Heath (8-11) and Martin Slack (16-18). The rabbits were Dave McKenzie and Phil Conway.

    The Gold Course was won by Graham Smith (29) with a score of 43 points, with the runner up being Keith Millott (31) with 42 points. Ball rundown went to 40 points.


    Saturday saw the staging of the annual Glen Foursomes event, as well as a stableford event being contested. Congratulations go to Donna Sedgman and Kane Blunt on winning the Glen Foursomes on Saturday.

    With a field of 16 pairs competing in the foursomes, some great scores were returned.

    The winners were Donna Sedgman and Kane Blunt with a gross score of 118, from Steve Chisholm and Sam Bailey with a score of 127 on a countback.

    Donna Sedgman and Kane Blunt also took out the nett event with a score of 101.5, from Sam Bailey and Steve Chisholm who were runners up with a score of 104.5. Ball rundown went 112.5 nett.

    Nearest the pin on the 7th was Kane Blunt and the 9th Gayle Wells. Super Holes were won by Lesley Anderson & Bill Taylor (1-6) and Sam Bailey and Steve Chisholm (22-27).

    A stable ford was also held with the winner being Greg Millott (24) with a score of 42 points from runner up Maurie Walsh (13) with 40 points. Ball Rundown went to 38 points.

    Nearest the pins were on the 16th Peter Vallance, and 2nd shot on the 18th was Mark Jones. The Pro Pin on the 3rd went to Bill Moran and Super Holes 8 – 11 went to Clive Marsden.

    The Gold Course was won by Keith Millott (30) with 40 points despite the fact he tried to lose on a countback.



    A quick tip for this week: Square to the Target

    You will hear the phrase “square to the target” frequently if you take golf lessons. Your shoulders should point at the target, and your feet should line up squarely under your shoulders as you address the ball. As long as you are pointing your shoulders and feet squarely at the target, you should “hopefully” be able to get the ball where you want it to go.


    By Phil Conway

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