• Men’s Golf Report – Week ending March 5th 2017


    A quick quote for this week-

    ‘How did I make a twelve on a par five hole? It’s simple – I missed a four foot putt for an eleven’
    – Arnold Palmer

    Monday saw the monthly vet’s trip away. This time the trek was to Bright, where the scores were not as good as some would have liked. However John McCombe did come third in C grade with 36 points.

    Tuesday was a par event with a field of 30 players fronting the starter.

    The winner was Peter Baddeley (15) with a great score of plus 5, from Sam Sandhu with plus 4. Ball rundown went square on a countback. Nearest the pins went to Oliver Pearson on the 9th and Domingo Diaz on the 16th. Hidden Holes was taken out by Peter Baddeley. Pro Pin on the 3rd went to Mike Irwin.

    The daylight saving Wednesday 9 hole competition is still running with 25 golfers attending for a Stableford event on the back nine. The winner was Brett Stone (19) with 22 points.

    On Thursday we had a great field of 59 players front the starter for the regular Stableford event, creating two divisions. The Gold Event had five combatants.

    The Division 1 winner was Oliver Pearson (3) with an excellent score of 44 points (5 under the card) from Geoff Brown (9) with 41 points. The winner of Division 2 was Tom Swan (33) with 41 points on a countback from Len Foster (21) on 41 points. Ball run down went to 36 points on a countback. Nearest the on the 7th was Oliver Pearson, 9th was Brad Grant, 12th was Maurie Walsh and the 16th Perrin Gooding. Peter Morgan collected the pro pin on the 3rd, and the nearest the pin 2nd shot on 18 was won by Geoff Brown. Hidden Holes winner was Oliver Pearson with the Runner-Up Geoff Brown. The birdie hole prizes went to seven players. The rabbits were Neil O’Halloran and Ron Britton.

    The Gold Course winner saw a great effort by Peter Healy (31) with 44 points from Keith Millott (31) with 41 points on a countback.


    Weekend Results

    Saturday saw 42 brave and hardy souls front for a HOT and humid stableford day.

    The winner of Division 1 was Michael Cooksey (16) with an excellent score of 46 points from Geoffrey Morris (17) with a score of 43 points. Division 2 was won by Vin Smith (27) with 44 points from Perrin Gooding (23) also with 38 points. Ball Rundown went to 36 points on a countback.

    Nearest the pins were on the 7th Ray Findlay, 9th Steve Daykin, 12th Craig Walsh and the 16th Maurie Walsh. Nearest the Pin 2nd shot on the 18th was Maurie Walsh. The pro pin was won by Shellie Comerford and the Hidden Holes went to Michael Cooksey. 2’s on Par 3’s were won by six players. Nearest the pin second shot on the 10th was Rod Sargent.

    A quick tip for this week: This is from the “Internet” – Avoiding three-putting is all about getting good at long puts. If your long putt is bad and the ball ends up, say, 5 or 6 feet from the hole, it’s easy to miss that second putt. But if you can place a long putt a few feet from the hole, you’ll two-putt the hole. Your move: at the practice green, work on long-distance putts. Author Unknown.

    Upcoming events:-

    Saturday – Open Stableford

    By Phil Conway