• Men’s Golf Report – Week ending July 9th

  • A quick quote for this week

    Golf – A passion, an obsession, a romance, a nice acquaintanceship with trees, sand, and water.



    Now for this week’s results.

    Tuesday event saw a field of 11 hardy players contesting a par event.

    The winner was Stuart Hogg (25) with plus 2 from Dennis Sheahan (22) with plus 1. Ball rundown went to minus two on a countback. Nearest the pin on the 16th was Brendan Egan.


    Thursday’s event saw a field of 42 players fronting the starter to contest the regular Stableford event, along with five members contesting the “GOLD” event.

    The winner of Division 1 was “evergreen” Bill Parsons (15) with 39 points from Gary Johnson (15) with 38 points. The Division 2 winner was Adam Holt (22) with 38 points from Sam Sandhu (20) with 36 points. Ball run down went 32 pts on a countback.

    Nearest the pins were Adam Holt on the 7th, Bill Parsons on the 9th, Maurie Walsh on the 12th and Greg Johnstone on the 16th. Martin Slack took out the pro pin on the 3rd. Greg Johnstone took out the NTP second shot on the 18th. There were three novelty events, best last six holes – going to Steve Cooksey, birdies on the 17th – Oliver Shaw and Maurie Walsh, two’s on par threes – Roger Eddy, Adam Holt Bill Parsons and Martin Slack.

    The rabbits for the day were Chris Anderson and Phil Conway.

    The Gold Event was won by Keith Millott (30) with 35 points on a countback from Frank Zeidler (25). Ball rundown went to 35 points also on a countback.


    Weekend Results

    Saturday’s event saw a Stableford competition being played with 22 contestants.

    The winner was Craig Walsh (7) with a score of 40 points on a countback from Tony Pridham (11). Balls went to 34 points.

    Nearest the pin on the 7th was Tony Pridham and also on the 9th along with Steve Daykin on the 16th.

    Nearest the pin second shot on the 18th was Craig Walsh, with Kane Blunt taking out the pro pin on the 3rd. Best score on holes 1 – 6 went to Tony Pridham, on holes 7 – 12 going to Shaun Wade and on holes 13 – 18 Craig Walsh had the best score.


    Tip for this week:

    When you come against a shot that is half way between clubs, remember, it is easier to grip down on the shaft of the longer club and hit it easy, rather than trying to belt the shorter club further.

    A few upcoming events.

    Sat 15th July – Stableford event

    Sat 22nd July – 4BBB Stableford

    Fri 28th July – Golf Shop Shootout. Details at the Golf shop.

    Sat 29th July – Stroke Event

    Sat 5th Aug – July Monthly Medal


    By Phil Conway

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