• Men’s Golf Report – Week ending July 2nd

  • Congratulations this week go to Oliver Pearson for his consistent form on the course. Oli had a three under 68 on Tuesday followed up by a four under 67 on Thursday. Keep up the great work Oli.

    A quick quote for this week-

    Golf can best be defined as an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle.
    – Author unknown


    Oli Shaw getting out of the Bunker.

    Tuesday’s stableford event had a field of 31 players fronting the starter and a Gold contestant.

    The winner was evergreen Oliver Pearson (2) with a fantastic 41 points (three under the card) from Bob speed (22) with 39 points. Ball rundown went to 33 points on a countback. Nearest the pin went to Aaron Madsen on the 7th and Russell Breadon on the 9th. 2nd shot on the 18th went to Aaron Madsen. The Pro pin on the 3rd went to Dennis Sheahan. The novelty events were – birdies went to Oliver Pearson x 2, Taki Murakami, Peter Dolling and Steve Cooksey. Nett 2’s went to Brad Grant and Adrian Smith. The Gold event was on by Tony Froude (25) with 38 points.


    Thursday’s Stableford event attracted a field of 55 players fronting the starter. The Gold Event had four contestants.

    The Division 1 winner was Peter Sargeant (18) with a score of 42 points from Oliver Pearson (1) with 41 points (four under the card). The winner of Division 2 was Dennis Sheahan (23) with a score of 40 points from Adrian Smith (21) with 38 points. Ball run down went to 34 points on a countback. Nearest the on the 7th was Taki Murakami, 9th was Peter Smiles, 12th was Daniel Robertson and the 16th Trevor Wright. Daniel Robertson collected the pro pin on the 3rd and the nearest the pin 2nd shot on 18.

    With a change in novelty events, the following events were decided,

    2nd shot on the 1st went to Robert Fankhauser, whilst the 2nd shot on the 17th went Dan Robertson. The nett birdie holes were on 4, 5, 6, 12, 13 and 14. This produced a total of 61 birdies being recorded on the day. Of note both Oli Pearson and Adam Holt both achieved four for the day.

    The rabbits this week are Geoff Morris and Robin Pratt.

    The Gold Course winner was Graham Smith (30) with a score of 36 points on a countback from Geoff Lowry (33).


    Weekend Results

    Saturday saw a small field of 37 players contesting the June Monthly Medal. This was despite the fact that there was still frost on the eighth tee at 1PM!

    The winner of Division 1 and the Monthly Medal was Kane Blunt (8) with a great nett 68 from Ben Millott (4) with a nett 71. The winner of Division 2 was Adam Holt (23) with a nett 69 from Chris Anderson (19) with a nett 75. Ball rundown went to nett 77 on a countback. The nearest the pins were on the 7th Maurie Walsh, 9th Rod Sargent, 12th Brendan Egan and the 16th Ben Millott. The Pro pin on the 3rd and second shot on the 18th were collected by Rod Sargent. There were six two’s scored with one being an eagle to Tony Crawford on the 17th. The best last six holes nett went to Paul Richardson, whilst the JD Perks Scratch Winner was Tony Crawford with a score of 73.


    A quick tip for this week:

    When you come against a shot that is half way between clubs, remember, it is easier to grip down on the shaft of the longer club and hit it easy, rather than trying to belt the shorter club further.

    Upcoming events:-

    Saturday 8th July – Stableford event

    Saturday 15th July – Stableford event

    By Phil Conway

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