• Men’s Golf Report – Week ending February 4th 2018

  • Congratulations this week go to the team of Mark Jones, Jimmy Herridge and Alex Stephens on their great win in the Millott Family Ambrose on Saturday.

    Geoff Brown displaying excellent style

    Now for this week’s results.

    Tuesday’s event saw 20 players out participating during a wet stableford event.

    The winner was Brandan Egan (19) with 36 points on a countback from Adrian Smith (24).

    Ball rundown went to 35 points. Nearest the Adrian smith on the 16th. Nearest the Pin second shot on the 18th went to Brad Grant whilst the pro pin was also collected by Brad Grant.




    Wednesday’s nine hole event was a two person ambrose affair this week. The winners were that man Jimmy Herridge (30) and Mark Jones (6) with a nett 23.5.


    Thursday’s event saw a great field of 83 happy golfers fronting the starter for the regular Stableford event with some hot scores being returned. There were two players competing in the gold event.

    The winner of Division One was Aaron Madsen (12) with a fantastic 44 points from Steve McMahon (6) with a 40 points.

    The winner of Division Two was Nick Jones (23) with 40 points from Don Clutterbuck (22) with 38 points.

    The Division Three winner was Bill Taylor (24) with 41 points from Trevor West (25) with 40 points.

    Ball run down went 35 points on a countback. Nearest the pins were Steve Daykin on the seventh, Aaron Madsen on the ninth, Geoff Payne on the 12th and Brad Grant on the 16th, and John McCombe collected the NTP on the 18th. Mark Jones won the NTP 2nd shot on ten, whilst Aaron Madsen topped off a great day by winning the Pro pin on the third as well as best score holes 7-12.

    The rabbits were Charlie Heath and Peter Morgan

    The Gold event saw Peter Healy (31) win with 38 points yet again.


    Saturday’s event saw a large field of 87 players out contesting the Millott Family 3 person Ambrose event.

    The winners Mark Jones, Jimmy Herridge and Alex Stephens (7.67) with a nett 52.33, by a stroke from Mark Pearson, Andrew Armsden and Adrian Rowe (7.67).

    Ball run down went to nett 53.83 on a countback. Nearest the pins were awarded to each player in the winning teams on holes seven, nine, twelve and sixteen. The pro pin on the third went to Geoff Morris, and second shots on the first, tenth and seventeenth went to Shaun Wade, Mark Bettany and Adrian Rowe respectively. The straightest drive was won by Ross Brown.


    Upcoming Golf events

    Saturday 10th February – Stableford

    Sunday 25th February – Hospital Golf and Lunch Day.

    By Phil Conway