• Mens Golf Report – Week ending August 21st

  • A quick quote for this week-
    The golf ball:
    If it goes right, it is a slice
    If it goes left, it is a hook
    If it goes straight, it is a MIRACLE!

    Kane showing poise to drive the ball straight down the fairway on the 15th hole.

    Kane showing poise to drive the ball straight down the fairway.

    Now for this week’s results.
    Tuesday event saw a field of 22 souls fronting for a walk around the course.
    The winner was Taki Murakami (11) with 35 pts on a countback from Laurie Harcus (23). Ball rundown went to 32 pts. Nearest the pin on the 7th was Laurie Harcus, and the 16th was Peter Dolling, with Adrian Lewis taking the pro pin on the 3rd. Nearest the pin 2nd shot on the 18th was Brad Grant and the hidden holes went to Paul Norris.

    Thursday’s event saw a field of 44 fronting the starter for the regular Stableford event.
    There were two prize divisions owing to the field size. The winner of Division 1 was Fred Rogers (11) with 40 points, whilst Geoff Payne (11) was runner up with 40 points on a countback.
    Division 2 was won by Heinz Gogol (6) with 34 points from Adrian Smith (21) with 34 points on a countback.
    Ball run down went 29 pts.
    Nearest the pins were Dan Robertson on the 7th, David Octigan on the 9th, Brad Grant on the 12th and Peter Dolling on the 16th. Bob Cullen took out the pro pin on the 3rd. Hidden holes went to Kane Blunt. NTP second shot on the 18th was claimed by Alan Eustace. There were two novelty events, a putting comp won by Laurie Harcus and birdies on the par threes. This was won by Fred Rogers
    The rabbits for the day were unfortunately not recorded.

    Saturday’s event saw a field of 19 hardy souls front for a Stableford event.
    The winner was Bob Speed (19) with 37 points. Runner up was Steve Daykin (16) with 36 points on a countback. Ball rundown went to 32 points on a countback.
    Nearest the pin was Kane Blunt on the 9th. Kane Blunt won the hidden holes, and NTP 2nd shot on the 18th went to Mark Pearson. The novelty event was birdies on par threes, taken by Alan Eustace and Alan Parrott.
    Tip for this week:

    When playing a bunker shot, make sure you finish the shot. Many high handicappers tend to stop halfway through the shot.
    Update for the Winter Eclectic with one round left:
    Rob Healy and Alan Parrott are leading A grade on Nett 53 from Brad Grant and Bob Speed on Nett 55. Dave McKenzie and Graham Smith are leading B grade on 52 Nett from Don Clutterbuck and Sam Sandhu on 53 Nett.
    Upcoming events: The Premier Golf League stars on Thursday September 15th, so get your teams together and join in the fun.

    By Phil Conway

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