• Mens Golf Report – Week ending August 14th

  • You know, golf and the Olympics are similar. Some days are golden and other days, we just don’t want to think about.
    Now for this week’s results.
    Tuesday event saw a field of 21 souls fronting for a walk around the course.
    The winner was Peter Baddeley (16) with a nett 72 from Henrik Bastek (18) with a nett 74. Ball rundown went to nett 79 on a countback. Nearest the pin on the 7th was Trevor Wright, with Alan Eustace taking the pro pin on the 3rd. The novelty event was 2’s on Par 3’s and these went to Bob Speed, Alan Eustace, Tony Pridham and Trevor Wright.

    WINTER GOLF. A snow covered Mt Buller from the 9th Green.

    WINTER GOLF. A snow covered Mt Buller from the 9th Green.

    Thursday’s event saw a field of 31 fronting the starter for the regular Stableford event.
    With only one division, the winner was Brad Grant (8) with 38 points, whilst Steve Daykin (17) was runner up with 37 points. Ball run down went 29 pts.
    Nearest the pins were Sam Sandhu on the 3rd, Brad Grant on the 9th and David Octigan on the 12th and the 16th. Brad Grant took out the pro pin on the 7th. Hidden holes went Steve Daykin. NTP second shot on the 18th was claimed by David Octigan. There were two novelty events, a putting comp won by Peter Baddeley and nett birdies on the par fives. These went to Steve Daykin x 2, Don Clutterbuck x 2, Gary Johnson x 2, Brian Russell x 3, Phil Conway, John Hawkes, John Saggers, Heinz Gogol, Alan Eustace, Brad Grant and Maurie Walsh.
    The rabbits for the day were Peter Dolling and Geoff Morris.

    Saturday’s event saw a field of 22 player’s front foe a 4BBB aggregate Stableford event.
    The winners were Laurie Harcus (22) and Sam Sandhu (20) with combined 71 points. Runners up were Alan Parrott (12) and Phil Conway (11) with a total of 70 points. Ball rundown went to 68 points.
    Nearest the pins was Aaron Madsen on the 7th and Steve Daykin on the 16th. The pro pin went to Laurie Harcus and Phil Conway won the hidden holes.

    Current update for the Winter Eclectic with two rounds left.

    Rob Healy is leading A grade on Nett 54 from Alan Parrott and Bob Speed on Nett 55. Don Clutterbuck is leading B grade on 53 Nett from Dave McKenzie and Sam Sandhu on 54 Nett.
    Tip for this week: What club do you use the most during a round of golf? The answer is your putter. Focus on your fundamentals to improve your “P’s of Putting”. Master this list and you will be well on your way to a better stroke and lower scores.
    Pace – The speed of your putts.
    Path – The direction the ball travels on the green.
    Pendulum – The tick-tock motion of your putter.
    Patience – Relax and take your time.
    Practice – The only way to improve your putting.
    A few notes of upcoming events. The Premier Golf League stars on Thursday September 15th, so get your teams together and join in the fun.
    There is the North East 2-man ambrose at Yarrawonga on August 28th. Cost is $30 per pair. A sheet is in the pro shop. We would like some more numbers if possible.