• Mens Golf Report – Week ending April 23rd

  • A quick quote for this week

    My swing is so bad I look like a caveman killing his lunch” ~Lee Trevino


    Sunday started off the week with a 9 hole stableford event.

    This was enjoyed by 9 participants with some great scores being returned. Sam Sandhu (21) won the day with 20 points with Dave Smithwick (15) being the runner up with 19 points.

    Driving off the 4th tee

    Tuesday was a stableford event with a field of 20 players fronting the starter.

    The winner was Steve Cooksey (12) with a great 40 points. Runner Up was Geoff Brown (8) with 38 points. Ball rundown went to 34 points.

    Nearest the pin went to Sam Sandhu taking both the 9th and the 16th. The Pro Pin went o Neil Walker, whilst Sam also picked the Super Holes.


    On Thursday we had a good field of 73 players front the starter for the regular Stableford event, and also 6 participants in the Gold Event.

    The Division 1 winner was Bob Cullen (15) with a score of with 39 points from Oliver Pearson the runner up with 38 points. The winner of Division 2 was Patrick Marks (19) with 40 points from Greg Johnstone (17) with 37 points. The Division 3 winner was Dale Daly (26) with the best score of the day 41 points from Kevin Jacobs (27) with 38 points. Ball run down went to 36 points. Nearest the on the 7th was Tony Crawford, 9th was Geoff Morris, 12th was Vin Smith and the 16th went to Patrick Marks. Greg Johnstone collected the pro pin on the 3rd, and the nearest the pin 2nd shot on 18 was won by Mark Pearson. The Super Holes were won by Bob Cullen and Patrick Marks, with the runners up being Laurie Harcus and Martin Slack. There were also ten two’s on par threes. The rabbits were Steve Chisholm and Dave Octigan.

    The Gold Course was won by George Richardson (32) with a score of 40 points, with the runner up being Graham Smith (29) with 39 points. Ball rundown went 37 on a countback.


    Saturday saw a stableford event being contested.

    With a field of 47 combatants once again some great scores have been returned.

    The winner of Division 1 was Rob Healy (14) with a great score of 42 points from Steve Chisholm (15) with a great 41 points. Division 2 was won by Heinz Gogol (26) with 40 points and the runner up was Trevor Wright (19) with 38 points. Ball Rundown went to 34 points on a countback.

    Nearest the pins were on the 7th Dion Sheahan, the 9th Mark Bettany, the 12th Alex Stephens and the 16th David Tanner. Nearest the Pin 2nd shot on the 18th was Oliver Pearson. The Pro Pin on the 3rd went to Steve McMahon and 2nd shot on 10 to Mark Bettany whilst Bill Moran took out 2nd shot on 17. The Super Holes were won by Steve Daykin (8-11) and Nicki Cooper (16-18).


    Pennant was played at Thurgoona (scratch) and Wodonga (handicap) on Sunday with the results being Division 2 Scratch winning 3 1/2 to 1 ½ which placed them on top of the Div 2 ladder. The Semi Finals are next week at Corowa, good luck boys. Handicap unfortunately went down 3 matches to 2 and will need to win next week to have a chance at the finals.


    A quick tip for this week: A DRILL FOR PURE SAND SHOTS

    1. With the ball forward and the face open, make a three-quarter backswing with a full wrist hinge using only your left arm.
    2. Swing down. Because of the forward ball position, the clubhead will hit the sand first. Through impact, feel as though you’re pulling the clubhead past the ball with your left arm.
    3. Continue pulling [and rotating] until your left wrist hinges the club past vertical in your follow-through.

    Upcoming events:-

    Saturday 29th – April Monthly Medal proudly sponsored by the Goughs Bay Golfers …….NOTE: with the football being at home, the morning spots will fill up quickly so book in early.


    By Phil Conway