• Men’s Golf Report – Week ending 7th October 2018

  • Tuesday’s event saw a field of 29 players out contesting a stableford event.

    The winner was Trevor Wright (19) with a great score of 41 points from Dave Octigan (14) with 40 points.

    Ball rundown went to 34 points on a countback. Nearest the Pin and third was Fred Rogers and on the sixteenth was Tony Crawford. Nearest the Pin second shot on the seventeenth was Brendan Egan.

    Dan Robertson on the 6th tee

    Thursday’s event saw a great field of 62 very happy souls fronting the starter for the regular Stableford event with some fantastic scores being returned. There were three gold participants.

    The winner of Division One was Alan Parrott (16) with a great 43 points from Tony Pridham (12) with also a good score of 42 points.

    The winner of Division Two was Geoff Morris (20) with a sensational 48 points from John Plummer (25) with a great 43 points.

    Ball run down went 39 points on a countback. Nearest the pins were Brad Grant on the third, Gary Johnson on the seventh, Peter Sargeant on the ninth, Maurie Walsh on the twelfth and Shaun Wade on the sixteenth.  Nearest the pin second shot on the seventeenth went to Adam Holt, second shot on the tenth and eighteenth were collected by Tony Pridham.

    There were 2 rabbits for the day, being Dave McKenzie and Bill Taylor.

    The Gold event saw Keith Millott (33) winning with a great score of 36 points.

    The Golf Premier League results were:

    The Hounds of Stableford (115 points) Def Hard Real Hard (109 points)

    Snake Pit (109 points) lost to The Backwards Team (118 points)

    The Misfits (110 points) lost to TMG’s (118 points)

    X-Factors (132 points) Def Complete & Putter Madness (115 points)


    Saturday’s event was a three person Ambrose in aid of the Jarrod Lyle Cancer Foundation.

    We had a field of 7 men’s teams and 9 mixed teams out contesting the day.

    The winners of the mixed event were Steve Chisholm, Tony Crawford and Sam Bailey with 55.5 nett from Lyn Holland, Allan Parrott and Mark Bettany with 56.67 nett, third was the team of Brad Grant, Gayle wells and Chris Leaman with 56.83 nett. Line balls went to 59.5 nett.

    The winners of the men’s event were Dan Robertson, Cameron Lester and Dave Octigan with 59.67 nett from Rob Healy, Mark Pearson and Paul Lange with 59.83 nett, third was the team of Bob Speed, Fred Rogers and Alan Eustace with 61.17 nett. Line balls went to 62.5 nett.

    Nearest the pins were Sheryl Sargent on the third, Chris Leaman on the seventh, Geoff Brown on the twelfth and Paul Lange and Brad Grant on the sixteenth. The novelty event of best score on par fives was shared between three teams, each receiving a sleeve of yellow balls donated by Dave Octigan.


    On Sunday a team of Lyn Holland, Leslie Anderson, Shaun Wade and Phil Conway (filling in for Laurie Harcus) journeyed to Myrtleford to play in the Golf Vic Play 9 District final. The results for the day were a mixed bag. However Shaun shone out coming second and qualifying for the state Final at Royal Melbourne on November 4.


    Upcoming events

    Saturday 13th October       – Open Stableford

    Sunday 14th October          – Gold Course 3 hole Match Play Knockout

    Saturday 20th October       – Stroke – First Round Men’s Club Championships


    Mansfield Cup TOP 5 as at 28th September


    1 Sam Sandhu       –   7359 pts

    2 Geoff Brown      –   6389 pts

    3 Brad Grant          –   6143 pts

    4 Rob Healy           –   6062 pts

    5 Alan Parrott       –   5754 pts


    By Phil Conway

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