• Men’s Golf Report – Week ending 15th October

  • A quick quote for this week –

    One thing about golf is you don’t know why you play bad and why you play good” – George Archer

    Congratulations this week go to Taki Murakami, Neil Walker and Rob Healy for their excellent high scores across the competitions.


    Now for this week’s results.

    Steve McMahon gets his drive away in the Captain’s Day event.

    Tuesday’s event saw a field of 38 players out contesting a par event.

    The winner was Taki Murakami (13) with a great score of plus 5 from Gary Henry (19) with plus 2.

    Ball rundown went to minus 1 on a countback. Nearest the pin on the 7th was Taki Murakami and the 16th was Steve Darmody. The Pro pin was won by Alan Eustace, whilst Robert Dundas was NTP 2nd shot on the 18th. Best score 7 – 12 was Chris Purcell and the Super Holes on 16 – 18 was shared by four players. There were also two 2’s on par 3’s.


    Thursday’s event saw a field of 62 very happy souls fronting the starter for the regular Stableford event, as well as one gold participant.

    The winner of Division One was Rob Healy (18) with a great score of 41 points from Peter Sargeant (18) with a good score of 39 points.

    The winner of Division Two was Neil Walker (26) also with a good score of 40 points from Bob Speed (20) with 37 points.

    Ball run down went 35 points on a countback. Nearest the pins were Dave Hurle on the 7th, Dale Daly on the 9th, Rod Sargent on the 12th and Len Foster on the 16th, and nearest the pin 2nd shot on the 18th went to Steve McMahon. Rob Healy took out the pro pin on the 3rd.  Best score on holes 13-18 went to Neil Walker, while Rob Healy, Rob Purcell and Taki Murakami all had twos on Par 3’s. There were 2 rabbits for the day, being Dave Octigan and Maurie Walsh.

    The Gold event saw Geoff Lowry (33) continue on his winning way with a score of 34 points.

    The Golf Premier League results were:

    Snake Pit (125 points) Def Bye X-Factors (130 points)

    Real Deals (153 points) Def Eagle Hunters (124 points)

    The Hounds of Stableford (142 points) def TMG’s (132 points)


    Saturday’s event saw the Annual Captain’s Day being held. This year the competition was Gentsomes.

    The mixed winners were Marion Sargeant, Millie Cumming, Margaret Knapp and Mark Knapp with a score of 95 points.

    The Men’s winners were Trevor Wright, Mark Jones, Mark Pearson and Shaun Wade with 108 points.

    Ball run down went to 97 points. Nearest the pin on the 7th was won by Nick Jones, Gary Johnson on the 9th, Brad Grant on the 12th and Geoff Brown on the 16th. The pro comp consisted of NTP on the 3rd going to Andrew Armsden, 2nd shot on the 10th was claimed by Gayle Wells and Shaun Wade claimed 2nd shot on the 18th. There was a special prize to those teams who scored eight points on a hole. These were won by the team of Chris Durkin, Geoff Morris, Peter Dolling and Adrian Smith with two holes, and one each going to the teams of Shaun Wade, Trevor Wright, Mark Jones and Mark Pearson as well as, Gary Johnson, Nick Jones, Alan Agar and David Octigan.

    Tip for this week: from Dan Robertson – Do a lot of work getting sharp with three basic shots: the full wedge, a flop-pitch shot and the chip. Master these, and you can cover just about any situation.

    A few notes of upcoming events.

    Saturday 21st October – Stroke, 1st round Club Champs, October Monthly medal and Medal of Medalist playoff.

    Sunday 22nd October – Stroke 2nd Round Club Champs.

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