• Men’s Golf Report – Week ending 12th June

  • This week saw the course at its wettest in over 12 months thanks to the recent rains. While the course is a little damp under foot, conditions are still okay. In Tuesday’s Par event, it was Paul Norris who claimed a long awaited win with +3, while Adrian Smith held of a long list of players in the minuses, with -1.

    Last Thursday was the first day of the club trialling shotgun starts in the afternoon field. The morning field will continue to have access to the course up until 9:30am, and the afternoon field will be teeing off in a shotgun start at 12 noon. The conditions didn’t allow for any golf to be played in the morning as the rain continued to fall, however the sky cleared and allowed the 35 players in afternoon field to get their feet wet.

    In what were tough conditions it was Rob Healy (15) who managed them the best to take out the win with 35 points. Runner up was Nick Siperki (16) 34 points, with line balls going down to 31 points. NTP’s were claimed by Dale Daly, Rob Healy, Brad Grant, Bill Moran, Bob Speed, and Peter Baddeley.

    Saturday’s comp was played in better conditions, although preferred lies are now in play, where players are permitted to lift, clean and replace their ball within one handspan through the green. Winner of the Open competition was Oliver Pearson (6) with 42 points. Once again Nick Siperki (15) claimed the runner up spot with 36 points. NTP’s went to Rod Sargent (2), Peter Dolling and Oli Pearson.