• Men’s Golf Report – Week Ending 11/03/2018

  • By Phil Conway

    Congratulations this week go to Clive Marsden for his return of 44 points in last Thursday’s competition..

    Now for this week’s results:

    Mark Pearson launching a drive on the sixth hole

    Tuesday’s event saw 61 players out participating in the opening event of the Mansfield Cup, with a stableford competition being conducted.

    The winner was Kevin Jacobs (32) with a great 43 points from John Hayes (34) with a fine 41 points.

    Ball rundown 37 points on a countback. Nearest the pin on the ninth was Brad Grant and on the 16th was Steve McMahon. Nearest the Pin second shot on the 18th went to Michael Aistrope whilst the bonus pin on the third was collected by John Hayes.

    Wednesday’s nine holes was a stroke event, with Jarrod Heath (13) the winner with a nett 33.5 from Mark Jones (7) with a 34.5 nett.

    Thursday’s event saw a great field of 66 enthusiastic golfers fronting the starter for the regular Stableford event with some more hot scores being returned. There two players competing in the gold event.

    The winner of Division One was Geoff Brown (12) with a fantastic 43 points from Sam Sandhu (17) with 40 points.

    The winner of Division Two was Rob Purcell (24) with 42 points from David Haslam (30) with 40 points.

    Ball run down went 36 points on a countback. Nearest the pins were Geoff Brown on the seventh, Mark Pearson on the ninth, Geoff Payne on the 12th and Rob Purcell on the 16th, and Nick Jones collected the NTP second shot on the 18th. The Bonus Pin on the third was collected by Clive Marsden. Best score holes 13-18 was won by Steve Daykin, and best front nine went to Brad Grant

    The rabbits were Nick Siperki and Peter Morgan.

    The Gold event saw Les Wood (33) with 39 points winning from Keith Millott.

    Saturday’s event saw a field of 36 players out contesting a stableford event.

    The winner was Brad Grant (7) with 40 points on a countback from Bob Cullen (16) also on a countback. Ball rundown went to 35 points on a countback. Nearest the pin on the third was Fred Rogers, on the seventh was Peter Dolling, on the twelfth was Brad Grant and on the sixteenth was Rod Sargent. The bonus pin on the ninth went to Rob Fankhauser with Brad Grant collecting the NTP 2nd shot on 18th. Two’s on par threes were shared by six players. Best score on holes 13-18 was shared by Brad Grant and Bob Cullen.

    A few notes of upcoming events:

    Saturday 17th March – Stableford

    Saturday 24th March – Monthly Medal sponsored by “Horn’s Up Golfers”

    Saturday 31st March – Stableford

    Mansfield Cup TOP 5 as at 11th March

    1. Geoff Brown – 625 points
    2. Brad Grant – 521 points
    3. Rob Purcell – 366 points
    4. Kevin Jacobs – 345 points
    5. Adrian Smith – 252 points