• Mansfield Ladies Return to the Course.

  • Well along with every other golfer in Victoria, the Mansfield Ladies were very excited to be back on the course this week. The seven weeks without golf on the course was nothing short of agonising for some tragics, but we mostly managed to keep our spirits up quite well really. Through our private group facebook page we kept connected and shared many a laugh. We played a round of virtual golf – taking turns to play (and video) one shot at a time in our back yards – (the shots became more and more creative as time went on); we played our championships with the throw of a dice; and we had drinks together via Zoom in place of our Championship dinner. Barely a day went by that we weren’t ‘chatting’ thanks to social media, so it all made the days pass a little quicker until finally the announcement we’d all been waiting for – Victoria was finally allowing golf to recommence!
    So it was with much anticipation that 24 ladies braved some fairly chilly and wet conditions to get out there on Wednesday and play their first 18 holes since the Covid restrictions kicked in. Tony and his team had been working hard in our absence and the course looked magnificent. The results were often a little average – everyone was clearly out of practice… but who cared! Best on the day and winning Div 1 was Sam Bailey with 30 points, Runner up was Lyn Holland with 29. Div 2 was won by Lyn Poulson also with 29 and Marion Mitchell runner up with 27. Line balls went down to 24 points.

    The girls practising social distancing. Pam, Anne, Lorraine and Jenny out for the nine hole event.

    Thursday was the first big day out for the men, but 7 of the girls squeezed in 9 holes and the winner was Linda Brook with 16 points and runner up Anne Watkins with 13.
    Saturday was a day made in heaven with glorious weather and perfect golfing conditions! 15 ladies took to the course for another Stableford round and by now the bodies were getting loosened up and the swing returning to form for most! Glenis Skinner had a lovey round of 34 to win the day and Sue Parsons took a big step-up in form from Wednesday to be runner up with 31 points. Dan very generously gave everyone else a line ball just for turning up, but notable scores were Louise Calvert -Jones with 30 and Lesley Anderson with 29.
    So now we are all warmed up and ready, we looking forward to plenty of golf from now on. There are comps on offer 7 days a week and the syllabus is being juggled to ensure some of the important events previously missed will be caught up. First up for the ladies, is next Wednesday when the March Monthly Medal is scheduled. This is also the 2nd round qualifier for the Bill Reardon event.
    Please remember to keep your social distance and obey all the rules set down by the club whilst playing ladies – check in on the club’s website if you are unsure what these are.
    Lastly, huge thanks to all the staff who have been working hard in our absence – often outside their skill set – the course, club and surrounds have had a great spruce up and look terrific – well done!

    By Linda Terry

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