• Ladies Golf Report – Week ending July 10

  • It’s been a slow week as winter weather closes in.

    THE weather is not improving, and nor is the condition of the golf course.

    Only the brave are venturing out, and among them were four ladies on Tuesday for the nine hole.

    Winner on the day was Julie Jessop, with 14 stableford points, not a bad effort considering the conditions.

    Wednesday saw 11 ladies out playing in the final round of the Silver Spoon tournament.

    Robyn Baker chips from the fairway

    Robyn Baker chips from the fairway

    The day went to Sue Parsons, with 79 nett, again a great effort in the conditions, as was Shelley Comerford’s, losing on a countback to Parsons.

    Parsons and Comerford also dominated the Special Prizes, with Parsons taking the putting and two birdie holes, and Comerford also securing a birdie hole and nearest the pin on the third.

    The only other player to get as look in was Sue Harcus, who won the hidden holes.

    Line balls went to Marion Mitchell and Sam Bailey.

    Thursday got the better of the golfers, and no-one played in the nine hole event.

    Six ladies took to the course on Saturday, and once again, Sue Parsons dominated – maybe it has to do with living next door to the course, which means she can sprint out to the course to practice on the few occasions there is a break in the weather.

    While Shirley Nolan won the day with 27 stableford points, Parsons came in with 26 and also took the nearest the pin on the third, and the pro pin, also on the third.

    Marion Sargeant won a line ball.

    Once again, bad weather is predicted for the next week of competition, but hopefully, the forcasters have got it wrong, and the course will get a chance to dry out.

    Fairways and Greens

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