• Golf Report – Week ending July 16th

  • A quick quote for this week-

    Golf is a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic”  – Earl Wilson


    Tuesday saw a stroke competition being conducted with a field of 27 players fronting the starter. There was also a Gold event held.

    Neil Walker Rob Healy Peter Dolling Bill Taylor ready to take on the course

    The winner was evergreen Trevor Wright (19) with a nett 72 from Chris Purcell (31) with a nett 72. Ball rundown went to 79 nett on a countback. Nearest the pin went to Laurie Harcus on the 7th, Stuart Hogg on the 9th and Kane Blunt on the 16th. The Pro pin on the 3rd went to Paul Norris, as well as the Best Score holes 13 – 18. Taki Murakami, Chris Purcell and Trevor Wright all had 2’s on a Par 3.

    The Gold event winner was Tony Froude (25) with a nett 68.


    On Thursday we had a field of 41 players front the starter for the regular Stableford event. The Gold Event had four contestants.

    The Division 1 winner was Roger Eddy (8) with a score of 38 points from Oliver Pearson (1) with 36 points.

    The winner of Division 2 was Adam Holt (22 with a score of 38 points from Bill Taylor (24) with a score of 36 points. Ball run down went to 35 points on a countback. Nearest the pin on the 7th was Charlie Heath, 9th was Glenn Whyte, 12th was Sam Sandhu and the 16th Roger Eddy. Nearest the pin 2nd shot on 18 was won by Bill Hammen, whilst Oliver Pearson collected the Pro Pin on the 3rd. The best score on holes 1 – 6 was split between Oliver Pearson, Bill Taylor and Geoff Morris, whilst the best score for holes 7 – 12 was won by Gordon Jeffs. Two’s on par threes went to Roger Eddy, Glenn Whyte, Charlie Heath, Domingo Diaz and Oliver Pearson. The rabbits this week are Tony Pridham and Gary Johnson.


    The Gold Course winner was again Keith Millott (33) with a score of 41 points from Geoff Lowry (33) with a score of 40 points.


    Weekend Results

    Saturday saw a small field of 16 players contesting a stableford event.

    The winner was Bob Speed (22) with 40 points. Line balls went to 32 on a countback. There were two nearest the pins, on the 7th and the 16th. They were both won by Oliver Pearson. The Pro pin on the 3rd went Laurie Harcus, second shot on the 18th to Tony Crawford and Best score Holes 7 – 12 was won by Brad Grant. The seconds shot on the 17th was won by Oliver Pearson.


    A quick tip for this week:

    Shots to the green – Time to sheath your first choice of iron – and your ego. Estimate what iron you need, then grab one number lower. You’ll be on the dancefloor every time – from the Internet.

    Upcoming events:-

    Saturday 22nd July – 4BBB Stableford

    Saturday 29th July – Stroke Event. July medal postponed to August 5th.

    By Phil Conway