• Golf Report – Week ending 27th August 2017

  • A quick quote for this week-

    GOLF:    “My swing is so bad I look like a caveman killing his lunch” ~Lee Trevino

    And as the weather clears, so does the golf course dry out. The combination of these has started to produce increased fields this week.

    Now for this week’s results.

    Tuesday’s event saw 19 players out for a sojourn combined with stableford event.

    The winner was Brendan Egan (18) with 37 points from Stuart Hogg (25) with 36 points. Ball rundown went to 33 points. Nearest to the pin on the 7th was John McCombe whilst on the 16th it was Stuart Hogg. Jarrod Heath collected the Pro pin on the 3rd, and, Stuart Hogg won the best score holes 13 – 18.


    Thursday’s event saw a field of 41 very happy souls fronting the starter for the regular Stableford event, as well as five gold participants.

    The winner of Division one was Brad Grant (7) with 37 points from Alan Parrott (15) with 36 points.

    The winner of Division Two was Laurie Harcus (24) also with 37 points from Trevor Wright (21) with 36 points.


    Trevor West driving off the tee








    Ball run down went 34 points.

    Nearest the pins were Bob Speed on the 7th and 9th, Gary Johnson on the 12th and Trevor Wright on the 16th. Gordon Jeffs took out the pro pin on the 3rd. NTP second shot on the 18th was claimed by Roger Eddy. The best score on holes 13 – 18 was won by Trevor Wright, whilst the best score even holes went to Brad Grant.

    The Gold event was won Graham Smith (30) with 39 points from Frank Zeidler (25) with 36 points.


    Saturday’s event saw a field of 30 players contesting a 4BBB Irish Stableford event.

    The winners were Sam Sandhu (23) and Bill Taylor (24) with a score of 92 points. Runners Up were Brad Grant (7) and Jarrod Heath (14) with a score of 89 points. Ball rundown went to 83 points on a countback.

    Nearest the pins were Peter Vallance on the 9th and Daniel Robertson 2nd shot on the 18th. There were two pro pins, with Peter Vallance taking the 3rd hole whilst Rod Sargent picked the 16th hole.


    Tip for this week: This one comes from Dan our own professional. If you have a swing problem or you are hitting the ball poorly, then make an appointment with Dan for a lesson. You will be surprised what a difference this can achieve.

    A few notes of upcoming events. The Premier Golf League stars on Thursday September 6th, so get your teams together and join in the fun.

    Saturday 2nd September – President’s Day – 2 Person Ambrose 12.30 shotgun start (draw for partners)

    Saturday 9th September – Stableford

    Saturday 16th September – 4BBB Par

    By Phil Conway

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