• Golf Report – Week ending 22nd October 2017

  • A quick quote for this week – “Golf, the adult version of an Easter egg hunt” unknown

    Congratulations this week go to Shaun Wade on winning the October Medal, and Brendan Egan on winning the Medal of Medallists.

    Don Clutterbuck strolling down the 16th hole

    Now for this week’s results.

    Tuesday’s event saw a field of 40 players out contesting a stableford event.

    The winner of Division 1 was Taki Murakami (12) with 36 points on a countback from Robert Healy (17).

    The Division 2 winner was Bob Thompson (22) with 39 points from Mike Irwin (23) with 38 points.

    Ball rundown went to 29 points on a countback. Nearest the pin on the 7th was Taki Murakami, on the ninth was Brad Grant and the 16th was Rob Healy. The Pro pin was won by Geoff Brown. Best score 7 – 12 was Taki Murakami. There were also two 2’s on par 3’s.


    Thursday’s event saw a field of 62 very happy but drenched souls fronting the starter for the regular Stableford event, as well as one gold participant.

    The winner of Division One was Brad Grant (9) with a great score of 45 points from David Octigan (13) with a good score of 41 points.

    The winner of Division Two was John Gilson (29) also with a good score of 41 points from Sam Sandhu (19) with 37 points.

    Ball run down went 29 points on a countback. Nearest the pins were Dave Octigan on the 7th, Ray Findlay on the 9th, Todd Eddy on the 12th and Brad Grant on the 16th, and nearest the pin 2nd shot on the 18th went to Todd Eddy. Robin Pratt took out the pro pin on the 3rd.  Best score on holes 1-6 went to Chris Anderson, 7-12 went to Phil Conway whilst 13-18 went to Brad Grant There was 1 rabbit for the day, being Jarrod Heath. The Gold event saw Les Wood the winner with 31 points.

    The Golf Premier League results were:

    Snake Pit Def Real Deals

    The Hounds Of stableford Def Eagle Hunters

    X-Factors Def Bye

    TMG’s Def Eagles & Birdies

    Unfortunately due to a GPL malfunction, scores were not to hand.


    Saturday’s event saw the October Monthly medal, Medal of Medallists and 1st round of the Club Championships being held.

    The winner of Division 1 and the medal was Shaun Wade (14) with a great nett 68 from Gary Henry (18) with a nett 71.

    The winner of Division 2 was Laurie Harcus (23) with a nett 74 from Geoffrey Morris (21) with a nett 76.

    Nearest the pin on the 7th was won by Alex Stephens, Mark Jones on the 9th and the 12th and Kane Blunt on the 16th. The pro pin on the 3rd was won Steve McMahon and Mark Jones claimed 2nd shot on the 18th. Best Score 13-16 went to Steve McMahon and 1-6 was claimed by Shaun Wade.

    Sunday saw the second round of the Club Championships being held.

    The winner of Division 1 was Ross Penny (8) with a nett 71 on a countback from Gary Henry (18).

    Division 2 was won by Peter Dolling (22) also with a nett 71 from Bill Taylor (24) with a nett 73.

    Ball rundown went nett 74 on a countback. Nearest the pins were Vin Smith on the 7th, Mark Bettany on the 9th, Mark Pearson on the 12th and Shaun Wade on the 16th. The pro pin on the 3rd hole was claimed by Taki Murakami. Current leaders in the champs are: Oliver Shaw in A grade, David Smithwick in B grade, Garry Henry in C grade and Peter Dolling in D grade.


    Tip for this week: Remember to compromise between what your ego wants, experience tells you, and what your nerves will let you actually do.

    A few notes of upcoming events.

    Saturday 28th October – Stroke, 3rd round Club Champs

    Sunday 29th October – Stroke Final Round Club Champs.

    By Phil Conway

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