• Golf Report – Week ending 12th November 2017

  • Congratulations this week go to the Match Play winners for this year.

    They were led by Rod Sargent winning A grade, with Geoff Brown taking out B grade, Bill Parsons being triumphant in C grade and Laurie Harcus outlasting his opponent to also win.

    Match Play winners. They are from L to R Geoff Brown – B Grade, Bill Parsons – C Grade, Rod Sargent – A Grade and Laurie Harcus – D Grade.


    Now for this week’s results.

    Tuesday’s event saw a small field of 11 players out contesting a stableford event.

    The winner Nick Siperki (16) with a great score of 41 points from Brendan Egan (19) with 36 points.

    Ball rundown went to 34 points. Nearest the pins were Brad Grant on the seventh and Heinz Gogol on the 16th. The pro pin was collected by Terry Jones and the best score even holes went to Nick Siperki.




    Thursday’s event saw a field of 63 very happy souls fronting the starter for the regular Stableford event, as well as four gold participants.

    The winner of Division One was Mark Bettany (5) with a great score of 41 points (parring the course) from Taki Murakami (12) on a countback.

    The winner of Division Two was David McKenzie (28) also with a great score of 41 points from Peter Smiles (23) with 39 points. Ball run down went 37 points on a countback. Nearest the pins were Nick Siperki on the seventh, Keith Murphy on the ninth, Peter Vallance on the 12th and Neil O’Halloran on the 16th, and nearest the pin second shot on the 18th went to Rod Sargent. Brad Grant took out the pro pin on the third.  Best score on holes 1-6 was shared between Perrin Gooding and Taki Murakami. Best score on hols 13-18 was shared between Dave McKenzie and Neil Walker, whilst six players shared the best score on even holes.

    The two rabbits were Mike Harrison and Rob Healy. The Gold event saw Graham Smith (31) the winner with 46 points from Peter Healy (32) with 39 points.

    Saturday saw our annual 1,2,3 Stableford teams event being held.

    The winners were Geoff Brown, Geoff Morris and Dave Hurle with 91 points, from Kane Blunt, Steve Chisholm and Tim Reilly with 88 points. Ball rundown went to 83 points. Nearest the pin on the seventh was won by Dave Hurle, Bill on the 18th was Mark Bettany. The pro pin on the third went to the team of Brad Grant, Rod Sargent and Jarrod Heath. Best score on the Par threes went to Geoff Brown, Geoff Morris and Dave Hurle, whilst on the par fours it was Tony Pridham, Mark Bettany and Mark Jones. On the par fives the best score went to Gary Johnson, Bill Moran and Nick Siperki.


    The Men’s matchplay final results went as follows:

    A Grade

    Rod Sargent Def Mark Bettany 4/2

    B Grade

    Geoff Brown Def Shaun Wade on the 28th hole

    C Grade

    Bill Parsons Def Steve Chisholm 6/5

    D Grade

    Laurie Harcus Def Rob Purcell on the 28th hole.


    A quick quote for this week – “A “gimme” can best be defined as an agreement between two golfers, neither of whom can putt very well“. Author Unknown

    Tip for this week: For chipping, pretend you are throwing the ball underhand to get it close to the flag. Where would you want it to land? Then just use a club that reproduces this thought.

    A few notes of upcoming events.

    Friday 17th November – Annual Trade Charity Golf Day

    Saturday 18th November – Par Event

    Friday 24th November – Club Presentation Night

    Saturday 25th November – Stroke event and Delatite Dental Monthly Medal

    Sunday 26th November – AGM at 11.00 AM

    By Phil Conway


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