• Men’s Golf Report Week Ending 17th May 2020

  • After seven long weeks, YES, GOLF IS BAAACCKKK

    And we are running competitions every day of the week.

    The Midweek results

    Wednesday’s event was the first day back and we had a small field of five players out on the park to play a stableford event.
    The winner was Paul Cougle (2) with 34 points on a countback from Bob Speed (24) also with 34 points.

    The boys maintaining distance on the first tee. Kane, Tony, Stevie J and Rod preparing for their round on Thursday.

    Thursday’s event was a stableford competition with seventy-seven players celebrating the resumption of our great game.
    With such a large field there were three divisions and twenty line balls.
    Some excellent scores indicated some players have been practising at home 
    The winner of Division One and showing was Maurie Walsh (9) with 36 points from runner-up Tony Pridham (9) with 36 points and Paul Cougle (2) with 34 points in third spot.
    The winner of Division Two was Laurie Harcus (19) with a great 39 points from runner-up Kerry Hartwig (16) with 37 points and John Saggers (16) in third with 33 points.
    The winner of Division Three was Col Whytcross (20) with 35 points from runner-up Adrian Smith (20) with 34 points, and third was Peter Dolling (20) with 33 points.
    Line balls went down to 28 points on a countback.
    Owing to the Covid-19 restrictions there were no rabbits for the day.

    Friday we had a small field of five players out on the park to play a stableford event.
    The winner was James Tehan (26) with 34 points from Steve Bolitho (19) with 28 points.

    The Weekend Results

    Saturday’s event also a stableford event to allow the diehards to ease back into competition.
    A total of 56 energetic gents turned out for the day, with winners being:
    Division one winner was Kane Blunt (7) with a great 39 points and showing a clean pair of heels from runner-up Mark Jones (1) with 35 points. Third position went to Ross Penny (8) with 34 points.
    Division Two winner was Jason Christopher (30) with 37 points from runner-up Steve Chisholm (14) with 35 points, and in third possie was Wayne Desmond (27) with 34 points.
    Line ball went down to 31 on a countback.

    Sunday was again a small field of three players out on the park to play a stableford event.
    The winner was Graham Mear (16) with an excellent 41 points.

    We would not be playing, had it not been for the dedication of the grounds staff in maintaining the course in the condition we are used to playing. Congratulations go Tony, Kane, Jeremy and Alistair on a job well done.
    In case you hadn’t noticed the clubhouse has had a lick of paint and the gardens have also been cleaned up. On top of this the external walls on the boundary have had years of road grime removed as well.
    Congratulations to all of the staff for their ongoing endeavour to go outside the realms of your work and make the place look fantastic.

    By Phil Conway

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