• Men’s Golf Report – Week ending February 26th 2017

  • Congratulations go to Rod Sargent for his great Monthly Medal win Saturday.

    Tuesday was a stroke event with a field of 40 players out for a walk.

    The winner of Division one was Oliver Pearson (4) with a magnificent nett 62 (5 under the card) from Jarrod Heath (14) with a nett 66. Division two was won by Mike Irwin (23) with a nett 65 from Patrick Marks (21) with a nett 66. Ball rundown went nett 76 on a countback. Nearest the pin on the 7th went to Laurie Harcus, the Pro pin on the 3rd went to Brad Grant, and Second shot on the 18th was collected by Oliver Pearson. There was a total of five nett twos on par threes.

    The daylight saving Wednesday 9 hole competition continued this week with 15 golfers attending for a Stableford event. The winner was Tim Reilly with 25 points from Dion Sheahan and John Bugden on 22 points, followed by Terry  Jones on 21 points and Mark Jones with 20 points..

    On Thursday we had a good field of 64 participants front the starter for the regular Stableford event, and also 4 participants in the Gold Event.

    The winner of Division 1 was Gary Johnson (17) with a great score of 43 points, with Steve Chisholm (16) being the runner up with 42 points.

    The winner of Division 2 was Trevor West (27) with a great 43 points from runner up Bill Moran (27) with 42 points.

    Ball run down went to 36 points on a countback. Nearest the on the 7th was Dave Octigan, 9th was Oliver Pearson, 12th was Michael Harrison and the 16th was David McKenzie. Brian Russell took out the pro pin on the 3rd. Geoff Brown collected the Hidden Holes with Mark Bettany being runner up. Nearest the pin 2nd shot on the 18th was collected by Roger Eddy. The novelty event was nett birdies on 1, 10 and 17, these went seven players. The two rabbits were Peter Sargent and Robin Pratt.

    The Gold Course was won by Keith Millott (31) with 42 points from Ron Britton (33) with 39 points.

    Saturday saw the Monthly Medal event with a great field of 56 participants.

    The winner of Division 1 and the Monthly Medal was Rod Sargent (5) with a score of 68 nett on a countback from runner up Ben Millott (5) also with a nett 68.

    The winner of Division 2 was Terry Jones (29) with a nett 68 from runner up Tim Reilly (19) with a nett 73

    Ball rundown went to nett 76 on a countback. Nearest the pins were on the 7th Rod Sargent, with Mark Jones taking out the 9th, 12th and the 16th. Nearest the Pin 2nd shot on the 18th was Kane Blunt. The pro pin on the 3rd went to Bob Speed. Hidden Holes went to Ben Millott, three players scored twos on par threes, whilst 30 players had nett birdies on the par fives. The JD Perks scratch went to Rod Sargent with 73 gross.

    A quick tip for this week: You will hear the phrase “square to the target” frequently if you take golf lessons. As long as you are pointing your shoulders and feet squarely at the target, you should be able to get the ball where you want it to go.

    Upcoming events:-

    Saturday March 4th – A Stableford event will be held.

    Monday March 6th – PGA Trainee Pro-Am (Entry via the Golf Shop) 57751218

    A quick quote for this week-

    One thing about golf is you don’t know why you play bad and why you play good – George Archer

    By Phil Conway

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